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Net Rent – How Does it All Work?

I have asked Holli Dawson to pen a few pieces around facilities, rent and office space. As SM matures I am seeing more and more folks making the move to their own office space. It can be daunting. Hope this and future articles help!

ServicesIn the world of real estate and housing rental, the term net rent or net lease is where the tenant has to pay alongside the standard rent either an amount of or all of the additional expenses that would in most cases be paid by the owner of the property, usually referred to as the official landlord. Some of the fees and expenses that make up these extras usually include examples such as insurance, utilities, repairs, taxes and countless other depending on the property and its location. 

Exactly which items are to be paid for by the tenant in question will be specified and clearly stated within the official lease agreement long before the tenant starts looking for moving quotes. In the case of properties and buildings that are to be leased to a number of tenants rather than just a single client, which may include shopping centers and entertainment buildings, the additional charges passed onto them for these and other charges will usually be dictated and specified according to their size in square feet.

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