QotD – What Was Your Last Web-influenced Purchase?

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Today’s Question of the Day is:

What was your last web-influenced purchase?

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9 thoughts on “QotD – What Was Your Last Web-influenced Purchase?

  1. David Dougherty

    Last week I purchased “The CSS Zen Garden”, by Dave Shea. I had been meaning to pick it up for some time and I saw it in the recommended reading section of a site. While at Amazon I also picked up “Human, All Too Human”, by Friedrich Nietzche, as the two are so closely related 🙂

  2. Michael

    I purchased 2 songs for $.99 at iTunes, one I underpaid for and one I begrudgingly overpaid for. I won’t share the names of the songs to avoid highlighting my “uncoolness”.

  3. Ryan - RFD

    Um, I can’t remember the last purchase I made that wasn’t web-influenced. I even check grocery flyers online before heading to the store.
    For the sake of answering this question, I bought a new iron on the weekend from Canadian Tire that I researched online before heading to the local store. I could have bought it online, but that would have cost me $8 more for shipping and I wouldn’t have received it for a week.

  4. Rehan Zaidi

    The last one was about a minute ago, thanks to something I saw on Ryan’s site (rechargeable batteries for $1 a piece). The web is an indispensable research tool for major purchases, and very useful for smaller ones too.

  5. Kathryn Lagden

    I’m not sure i can draw a distinction between purchases that are web influenced versus those that aren’t. Anything beyond basic groceries and daily coffee is likely web influenced.
    But to answer the question – last nights video rental. Given 2 choices, neither of which i found particularly interesting, i went to imdb to compare rankings.

  6. Glen Gower

    A cell phone.
    We ended up going with Virgin Mobile. Compare the simple, direct writing on the web site to Bell, Telus, Rogers, etc.
    Sometimes the web is useful because of the abundance of information. In this case, the web site with the leanest, most efficient presentation won the sale.

  7. Bijoy Naick

    Just about everything I purchase (with the exception of groceries) is probably influence by the web 🙂

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