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Blog Stress – The New Writer's Block

_This post is contributed by Mitch Joel – see end of article for more on Mitch._
Pacing. That’s what I have been doing since Ken asked me to become a -regular- contributor to One Degree. What’s the big deal, so now I’m posting to another Blog instead of my own? For over fifteen years I’ve been contributing to publications of all sorts from all over the world… so why Blog Stress?

I’ve actually discovered, by letting other Bloggers know how I feel, that I am not alone. Apparently, Blog Stress is the new Writer’s Block.
Here’s what I’ve been told:
* Blog when there’s something important to say.
* Blog, at least, once a day.
* Allow people to comment on your Blog.
* A Blog is a personal journal, not a two-way discussion.
So, to break the proverbial “cherry,” I’m here to say that I’ve overcome my Blog Stress by doing the first thing they teach you in any twelve-step recovery process: admitting it.
Blogging is not easy. It’s not something that should be done daily and it’s not something that should, or should not, be a discussion. The right answer is that you should Blog according to who you are and what you have to say.
I think Blog Stress is common for one simple reason: it’s a commitment to something that will – and does – take a lot of time and consideration. People ask me about Blogs and what their relevance is. I also feel the need to include Podcasting, Vlogs and Moblogs in this category because they are, simply, instant personal publishing tools.
This medium is opening wide for marketers and corporations because it is a critical and immediate touchpoint – one that resonates and creates a true experience for the people who not only buy your brand, but as Faith Popcorn says, people who will “join your brand.” It is the ability to speak in a human voice and break down barriers set-up by corporate communications and PR drones.
Can you feel it? That was my stress going away.
_A marketing and communications visionary, interactive expert, community leader, freelance journalist, Blogger and believer in doing the impossible, Mitch Joel is a passionate entrepreneur and speaker who connects with people worldwide by sharing his communications insights, marketing strategies and commitment to building a better community._
_As a co-owner of “Twist Image – Multimarketing Studio”:, Mitch develops marketing communications realities for global brands._