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ThinData Hires Director of Delivery and ISP Relations

We’ve been writing a lot about how deliverability is become _the big thing_ in e-mail marketing. It is therefore very interesting that “ThinData”: has announced the hiring of a “Director, Delivery and ISP Relations”:
bq.. ThinData, a leader in permission-based email marketing, is pleased to announce the appointment of Stephen Tyers as Director, Delivery and ISP (Internet Service Provider) Relations. Regarded as an email delivery expert, Tyers brings with him over a decade of experience in this industry. Having recently sold Tyenet Technologies Ltd., his successful nine-year ISP business headquartered in Sudbury, Ontario, Tyers’ unique understanding of the ISP business and email delivery will bring instant value to ThinData’s clients.

bq.. “ThinData is a leader in the permission-based email marketing industry and has already established an excellent ISP Relations department,” said Tyers. “I look forward to leading the Delivery and ISP Relations team and introducing new services to our clients to better help them navigate the ever-changing environment surrounding email delivery.”
“Stephen brings to ThinData a deep knowledge of all issues that can impact email delivery, which is one of our core commitments,” said Wayne Carrigan, Vice President, Client Strategy at ThinData. “He is going to expand and deepen the relationships we have with ISPs, oversee all email complaints and policy inquiries, and help us keep pace with industry initiatives. We will also look to him to lead our deliverability best practices.”
In his new role, Tyers will be responsible for overseeing and ensuring ThinData’s clients are in compliance with ISP sender guidelines and email domain authentication protocols such as ‘SPF’ and ‘Sender ID’ which are designed to help prevent spam and email fraud. “If email marketers have not implemented ‘Sender ID’, then their email will be filtered to the junk-filter which can certainly have an impact of the success of their campaigns,” adds Tyers.
ThinData’s Delivery and ISP Relations department is also responsible for guiding clients through anti-spam and privacy law compliance, like the U.S. CAN–SPAM Act and Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).
p. I think this is a _very_ smart move for ThinData as it shows that they are taking this business seriously. To gain the trust of large corporations and to keep winning the big accounts, ESPs are going to have to follow suit and show that they are committed to getting client messages through.