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A Great Read for Internet Marketers…and Advertisers

Fortune Magazine‘s August 8, 2005 issue has a series of great cover stories related to “The Future of Advertising.” (I bought the Canadian edition but it looks like it has all the same stories as the US copy.)
I believe all Internet marketers (and advertisers) should get this issue and read every story. The articles are very informative and support what a lot of us know and think: more ad spending is going online, whether for:
* Search Marketing
* Better Targeting of Marketing Messages
Julie Roehm is DaimlerChrysler’s director of marketing communications and oversees the sixth-largest pool of ad dollars in the US. Last year she spent 10% of the budget online; this year she is allotting closer to 18%; next year, she says, she will allocate more than 20%.
More and more this is the trend and those people who know online will benefit.

Here are some direct links to the individual articles:
Innovation: The Future of Advertising
“Yahoo’s Brilliant Solution”:,15114,1086026,00.html
“How the Web Will Save the Commercial”:,15114,1085996,00.html
Scramble on Madison Ave.

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