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Canadian Blog Network Freshdaily Launches Today

Publisher Tim Shore (“previously profiled on One Degree”: is looking to build on the success of blogTO. Today sees the official launch of “Freshdaily Inc.”: – “Canada’s first national blog network”. While “Daily Pixel”: and a few others might have trouble with that positioning, I think that Tim’s strategy of building a city-focussed blog network is a good one.
The network is launching with “Beyond Robson”:, “Midnight Poutine”:, “blogTO”: and “Sauga”:, covering respectively, Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, and — Mississauga?
Each blog reports on local culture and happenings including coverage of music, film, the arts, fashion, food and urban issues. Not sure what Sauga will be covering (sorry I couldn’t resist).

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  1. James Cogan
    James Cogan November 16, 2005

    I haven’t had a chance to post about this news on the DP blog (will do so shortly), but first and foremost this is great news for Canada, and more importantly what it means for increasing awareness and exposure of blogs to Canadians. I’m excited for Tim, and while I have not met or spoken with Tim as of yet, I look forward to doing so in the near future.
    re: ‘first national Canadian blog network’ tagline – Of course that’s incorrect, but I’ll deal with that issue in my own blog post.
    I wish Freshdaily and Tim nothing but success and growth going forward.
    James Cogan.

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