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Toronto's First DemoCamp A Success

_This article is by guest contributor Leila Boujnane._
How many people does it take to impact the software development community in Toronto: one! Just one angry David Crow! He was the initial instigator of TorCamp and Monday night’s DemoCamp was part II. Organized by Albert Lai from Bubbleshare and hosted at the BubbleLabs, it was a blast. Vive the unconference!
The meeting room was crowded, folks were excited about demo-ing their applications/stuff. Simple rules: you have 10-15 minutes to demo, you can field questions as you demo or leave them to the end, you can ask for help, constructive criticism or simply feedback. No PowerPoint.
Some great demos:

* Albert Lai showed off BubbleShare: the easiest way to share photos. You can add an audio caption. Upload is a snap. Give it a whirl here. A great little application. I will write a full review when I have time and had a chance to play with it a bit more. Watch this space.
* Randy Morin showed R-Mail . R-Mail allows you to subscribe to any RSS feed and get a notification via email. Great little business model.
* Chris Nolan showed Eh List. This is a blog statistic aggregator. He started his project a while back manually aggregating blog statistics and develop this nifty little tool. A real crowd pleaser.
* Sutha Kamal from Ambient demoed Ambient Circle. Ambient Circle is a social collaborative search engine. A mouthful! Basically it allows you to search content on mobile devices, forward and recommend based on your preferences and that of your peers. Search results as recommendations from your peers?
* Matthew Willson who has now joined BubbleShare demoed Drowned in Sound. This is a music rating system where albums are rated from 1 to 10, users can also view users with similar and opposing tastes. A great music discovery tool!
I did not demo some of our new visual search apps but will do that next time. David Crow is organizing the next DemoCamp to happen in January. We will host the one in February. It looks like this is going to be a monthly happening. Go DemoCamp Go!
We headed to a nearby bar for drinks. It was great to spend additional time with all the geeks. Not enough time to speak to everyone though. I would have liked to spend more time with:
* Chris Nolan who is launching Kweschun soon
* Reg Braithwaite
* Ryan Dewsburn
* Chris Sukornyk
* Alex De Bold, and the rest of the crew.
Joey deVilla – Accordion Guy – joined us at DemoCamp as well and handed out little Tucows Cows.
One last note: Jonathan Resnick who did not have a chance to demo his myDokiDoki at DemoCamp showed it at the bar. Great little toy! I loved it. Of course this is not for everyone. I am thinking of the myDokiDoki as a toy. Would love to see how it develops further. I have a couple of ideas for Jonathan and know a couple of people who could help him. I will connect the dots very soon.
Until next time: vive the unconference!
_Leila Boujnane is currently CEO of “Idée Inc”: At “Hyperbio”: she writes about entrepreneurship, technology and sometimes running._