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2006 CNMA Finalists Announced

Just before the long weekend here in Canada, the “CNMA”: announced the finalists for this year’s awards honouring the best in new media Canada has to offer.
As the announcement noted:
bq.. Hailing from almost every province in Canada, finalists include companies and individuals accomplished in the digital interactive media space. Finalists represent a wide range of government, private and public organizations from every facet of the new media industry including programmers, designers, educators and advocates.
Every year, hundreds of new media professionals submit nominations for Canadian New Media Awards and a panel of esteemed industry experts collaborate online to select the finalists. This year’s cross-country Selection Committee consisted of 135 judges, representing private, public and non-profit sectors and included several finalists and winners from previous years. Over 500 professionals and aspiring industry members are expected to attend this year’s event.
Of the 43 finalists, 19 are from Ontario, 12 are from B.C., 3 are from Quebec, 7 from Alberta, 1 from Saskatchewan and 1 from Nova Scotia.
p. A “complete list of CMNA finalists”: is on their site. You can also “buy tickets for the awards show at the Carlu”: if you are looking for a good night out in the company of Canada’s online movers and shakers.
_Disclosure: One Degree is a sponsor of the CNMA._