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How Tennis Can Improve Your Marketing

Growing up as a bit of a tennis junkie, I always wanted to improve my game. I remember hearing an interview while I was a young lad (too long ago to remember if it was “Borg”: or “Connors”: who said a sure-fire way to improve is to play with those who are better than you.
Yes, I ended up getting my butt kicked on a regular basis by seeking out those who had more game than I did. It was humbling, but my game improved dramatically in short period of time.
Getting ahead in tennis is really no different than getting ahead in marketing. Today we are all empowered with infinite resources to move from good to great. We have open access to smart, passionate and involved people willing to share what they know, openly and freely, on the topic of your choice. Access is creating new conversations and bringing more people into the exchange, regardless of experience or job title. Sharing has increased, learning curves have shortened and new ideas are being generated. We are all better for it and that is a very good thing.

Given this ability to reach out and connect, there is no excuse for not improving your marketing game.
The digital world provides abundant access points at our fingertips to participate and have our own voices heard. Whether through RSS, podcasts, blogs, vlogs, wikis, online communities, CaseCamps or BarCamps, there are some crazy opportunities out there to tap into. “The revolution will not be televised.”:
Instant personal publishing and social media have accelerated everything. The proliferation of opinions from thought leaders and practitioners is driving a new period of marketing enlightenment. The connectivity to knowledge, expertise and opinions has bred a new category of experts with opinions.
One Degree is a fantastic example of this in action.
I know I have improved (or at least I hope I have) because of my involvement with those who at the top of their “marketing game”.
So, who are you playing tennis with?

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