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DigitalEve Toronto Calls It Quits

I’m sorry to see that “Digital Eve Toronto”: has decided that it can’t continue. The organization has done good work from its roots in Webgrrrls to Digital Eve. There are hints they may still reformulate in some new fashion. We’ll keep an eye out.
Here’s the announcement from the Board:
bq.. To all DigitalEve Toronto Members:
It is with deep regret and sadness that we make this announcement. Due to the our training facility being now too expensive to maintain a proper training schedule, and interest in training too low to fill the classrooms, the training has had to be put on hold indefinitely. The last several events have not been met with the interest needed, and therefore the revenue stream from them has dwindled to a crawl. Since Training and Events were the organizations only source of income, we do not have the required income to run this organization.
It has been decided by a unanimous vote by the board members to officially close the Toronto Chapter due to lack of interest and income.
We would like to redirect our members to one of several Women in Technology groups around the city that we hope will fulfill the need that we don’t feel we are capable of anymore.
NOTE: The list managers are working on moving the lists to a new domain, and are investigating the option of evolving DigitalEve into a new format. We have survived through Webgrrls, into DigitalEve, maybe we can do it again. There will be more information coming regarding this as it is available.
We would like to take this last opportunity to thank everyone for their support over the last few years.
It has been a good run, we have made many friends. It is time to say goodbye.
p. In the meantime, maybe “Wired Woman”: can take up the slack.
(Thanks to Bill for pointing this out.)