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Month: July 2007

Gone Fishin'


One Degree folks are taking a mid-summer vacation. We’ll be back to our regular schedule August 13th.

In the meantime, if you are looking to get caught-up on what’s popular here at One Degree, check out July’s top ten articles:

  1. How Can a Facebook Group Complement Your Current Community? A Real-Time Case Study
  2. Personalization and Universal Search Engine Optimization (Part 1 of 4)
  3. Personalization and Universal Search Engine Optimization (Part 3 of 4)
  4. How I Ended Up Doing Social Media Marketing for ABC TV’s Traveler – Part 2
  5. Optimizing Your PPC Quality Score – Part 1
  6. Affiliate Marketing – Part 2: The Networks
  7. Chasing the Dramatic Chipmunk
  8. Personalization and Universal Search Engine Optimization (Part 2 of 4)
  9. My Facebook Coach House Experiment
  10. Social Network “Joiners”, the New Pig in the Python
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One Degree Makes Global Marketing Power 150! Congrats to All of You!


The explosion of blogs has led to a need for quality control — this is particularly true for marketing and PR blogs. One of the most prominent measures of quality has been a ranking system, the Power 150, devised by marketer and blogger Todd Andrlik. Click through for details about the ranking and an exciting partnership with Advertising Age.

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