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Light Two Fires with One Match – Learn Twitter AND Write for One Degree

I know you’ve been saying to yourself, "Wow, I should really check out that Twitter."  And I also know you’ve been saying to yourself, "I could totally write for One Degree.  I just a) can’t make a REGULAR commitment and b) I never really know what to write."

Well, today is your lucky day!
We’ve started a Twitter feed for folks who want to write for One Degree.  *We* can’t write about everything, but there are a lot of things to write about.  So if you follow our Tweets, we’ll be Twittering out ideas for short quick articles.
Our Twitter address is 

Just start following us.
We’re also considering having a general Twitter account for One Degree.  This may morph into that.  Or we may do something different.  Again, another experiment.  But we can’t learn if we don’t play.  Feedback is welcome!

Couple of other notes:
There is an outstanding tutorial created by Chris Demetrios ( called "Mastering Twitter In 10 Minutes or Less" (PDF file).  Definitely worth the download.  There is also a brief video overview of Twitter and Twitterific on YouTube.
Also, in case you weren’t sure … you don’t have to make a regular commitment to write for One Degree.  We’d love to have a piece from you once a week, once a month, once a quarter … or on special assignment (e.g. covering an event).  We’ll be adding our Guest Contributor status back in, so, something for you to consider.