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Are You Reaching 75% of Online Canadians?

Ipsos Reid just released a new study called "Search Marketing in Canada" and, as you can imagine, the results are of major interest to internet marketers.

The study delivers numbers that reveal how Canadians use search, how they feel about advertiser transparency and what they’re likely to click on in the search results.

In reading through the full press release, I found the wording about Canadians’ reactions to "paid search
advertisements" confusing. Apparently, 62% of them "very
skeptical" of paid advertisements in their search results. But 44% of
them are clicking on the ads. Are they skeptical? Are they
clicking? Are they clicking in a skeptical manner? If you have any
insights, please feel free to share them in the comments.

This quote, however, came through loud and clear:

"Three-quarters of online Canadians indicate they can usually find what
they are looking for on the first page of search results
[emphasis added]

That’s right – 75% of online Canadians are finding what they need on the first page of their search. This means that optimizing your site for search is more important than ever. You can’t afford to be on page three!

To start working on improving search results for your own site, check out these past posts – then visit our SEO and Search Marketing archives for more on how to get yourself on that first page.



  1. Jane
    Jane September 4, 2008

    Is the date on this press release 2007 or 2008? I am not sure if “just released” is correct.

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