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Playing for Change – The Mose's 2008 Favourite Thing

It must have either been, a horrible news year, or simply a year we would really all like to forget – I can't figure it out. I can tell you that it went awfully damn quick. Thank (Insert personal God-like-thing of your choice.)

Now, as a referent point, I spend most of my time Ranting – and with good cause (Someone has to!) – against some of the things people seem to take for granted. Christmas being too commercial, TV poisoning our homes, abuse of children of any type and here, at OneDegree, a lot about the Non-Cluetrain video epidemic online.

I Rant about some other stuff as well, but I only get a paragraph or two here.
As I posted on One Degree a little while ago – I stood corrected. And happy to admit I was wrong. Not every single online video is shite.

Playing for Change

I found one that wasn't. Here it is. Please view.

And here's the story. And a link to the Playing for Change site

The Mose shares his musings, rants and ravings over on his blog. His most popular post this year was his Top 10 Networking Tips. Maybe if Rudolph had read them, he would have been more successful at the reindeer games!