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Deal of the Day Email Newsletter – Matthew Vernhout's 2008 Favourite Thing

My favourite thing this year was a deals email I received from Future Shop.  Now Future Shop sends me deal emails randomly throughout the year, but what made this one different is that the 10 Days of Deals were all in one email!  


Each day during this promotion, the images behind these messages are updated to show the latest "deal of the day", and then previous images are changed to read this "deal has ended" — keeping me in suspense to see the next deal.

I took away five key lessons from this program:

  1. Keep readers wanting your messages.  A teaser campaign like this keeps readers in suspense but not (unpleasantly) surprised.
  2. Be original. I don't get messaging like this from other retailers.
  3. Find cost effective solutions. Switching up the images means you’re getting more bang for your buck; one send means one CPM delivery charge but with the equivalent of 10 unique offers.
  4. Remain nimble. This type of email allows Future Shop to change the images midday if they sell out.  
  5. Create a strong sense of urgency.  Presenting the message in calendar form and emphasizing “offer valid for one day only” means I’m more likely to take action.

Matthew blogs at His most popular post this year was Activation Emails: How to Make a Positive First Impression. Even the Grinch agrees that the right activation email can go a long way.