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Responsibility, Rudeness and Relationships – Sept 18, 2009 Week in Review

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Event season is back in full swing …

This week's WIR curator is Monica Hamburg. Monica struts her social media stuff at her Me Like the Interweb blog and releases her evil sense of humor on her Your Dose of Lunacy blog and on Twitter.

Seen Around the Blogosphere

Kanye West's Random Act of Rudeness at the Video Music Awards has been the talk of the social media sphere and has lead to a slew of interrupted images (e.g."Kanye interrupts history), videos and even websites.

Onedegree-kanye Thanks to @digitaljoy for sending us this link.

The nets are all abuzz with news about Facebook, including it's adding "Twitter-like" features and becoming profitable

Keith Kleiner examines the "The Power of Twitter Accounts with Massive Followers or Lack Thereof".

And the question many are asking is "Whose Responsibility This?"
– and this time it's not Kanye
– but its origins may be just as disturbing. The new and amusing meme
stems from the author's comment about posting his (what may alternately
be the creepiest and
most hilarious piece of) perverted fan fiction on Topless Robot.

Seen on Marketing Blogs

Trying to convince companies that social media is influential? Try
this stat: "The majority (93.6%) of mothers regularly or occasionally
seek the advice of others before buying a service or a product,
while 97.2 percent said they offer advice to others about products or
services they purchased." And it's not just moms, of course. Many of us
ask friends to advise us on products, stores or services. These suggestions are more influential and far more personal and authentic than advertisements.

David Merman Scott looks at a Social Media Crisis and the lack
of company response to it in
"Social media and the Cotton On baby T-shirt crisis".

Alexandra Samuel of Social Signal offers some etiquette and tips for responding (or not not responding) to things that irritate you on Twitter with "Do you wag your hand at me? Five ways to say goodbye to scolding tweets" (via @hummingbird604)

David Armano's (he of the wonderful #Daniela) has pointers for "How to Spot Social Media Snake Oil".

Eric Karjaluoto discusses the problems with using social media merely to give lip-service to concepts like "relationships" with "Words is broken". (via @glennhilton )

And Lisa Barone cites essential components of "Creating Your Social Media Plan". (via @divinacomms)

Bookmarks from the Community

A Map Of Social (Network) Dominance

Engagement planning worksheets to engage your users and move them to action

Boomers Step Into Social Media (on Blog Talk Radio)

Heard on Twitter

This Week's Video Meme

Technically, the Kayne clip would qualify, and I'mma let you finish, Kayne, but this video from the summer is a moment of
joy and is more worthy of a view.  Go Digital Marketing Blog accesses that "[t]he video was real. But
promotional activities (possibly/likely paid) created the initial viral effect (led to the tipping point of the viral effect". C'mon watch it. It'll make you happy.