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Win a ticket to Meshmarketing from One Degree

Meshmarketing_logo One Degree Contest

Win a ticket to Meshmarketing – November 17th in Toronto at the Allstream Centre, 105 Princes’ Blvd.

The prize: one ticket to Meshmarketing (value: $539)

Meshmarketing is a one-day event focused on providing attendees with insight, perspective and information to more effectively embrace and capitalize on the fast-growing digital market. A morning of thought-provoking keynote conversations will be followed by an afternoon of interactive and engaging panels and workshops.

Meshmarketing offers the opportunity for attendees to meet marketing and digital thought leaders, network with prospects, and get a better understanding of the impact that new trends and technologies will have on digital marketing strategy and tactics. meshmarketing will feature best practices, case studies and the successful use of social media, online marketing and location-based marketing, as well as sessions on privacy and story-telling.

To win simply post a comment here! Answer the following question …

What do you see as the most promising or interesting digital marketing theme to emerge in 2011.

Or, if you are shy, you can simply send an email to mose[at]onedegree[dot]ca – subject line Meshmarketing.

We will draw the lucky winner November 12.


(Contest skill testing question – 155 plus 33 divided by 2 minus 12)



  1. Chris Advansun
    Chris Advansun October 27, 2010

    Amidst the hype of the geo-location check-in, few marketers have effectively and measurably used this new tool to positively impact revenue.
    In 2011, I predict that marketers will begin to crack this nut. We will see new services and tactics emerge that use consumers’ geo-location to offer new forms of value, influence buying behavior and generate sales.
    In addition to the physical check-in, virtual product check-ins will evolve beyond their current novelty state, becoming a effective marketing vehicle.
    Skill testing answer: 82.

  2. Dave Offierski
    Dave Offierski October 27, 2010

    I see two very interesting themes emerging, but only if two are allowed.
    1) traditional media and local publishers scrambling to get involved in digital and mobile location-based marketing, otherwise they have nailed their own coffin now that Google, FB and other big players have officially set their sights on “local advertising”
    2) a horse race to turn the social web into a web of social commerce mostly through mobile. Social networks such as Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter etc. will aim to link to your bank account so you can transact through their platforms.
    Do you want me to answer the skill testing question now or later?

  3. Michelle P
    Michelle P October 27, 2010

    AI & Gaming!
    With a growing need for optimization in digital marketing and a continuing trend towards engagement and interactivity, I think in 2011 we will see major breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence, particularly in Gaming.
    It is a natural progression from where we are today – why are 3D films and TV soaring in popularity? Because the modern consumer doesn’t want to sit back and watch the movie. They want to be IN the scene.
    Even traditional advertising platforms like signs and billboards are going interactive, like the “zeno motion” signs in the CN Tower. The images change as you walk by and actually interact with each person in a unique way. (If you can’t get to the CN tower you can see it in action on youtube here:
    The point is, people want to interact directly with technology. Today, social technology is allowing us to interact with the people behind the brands. Advancements in AI and gaming technology will take it to the next level.
    Just my two cents!
    I work at a not-for-profit and Meshmarketing is not in the budget so a free ticket would be amazing!

  4. Paul K
    Paul K October 27, 2010

    We have seen discounts for those who publicly check in a lot at a place, those who follow/like a brand (visible on their account), those who buy in groups with others (coupons), and there have always been discounts/promotions based on someone personal buying history or buying in bulk. However, what we have only seen the beginning of and what will really take off in 2011 is the following: Rewards/discounts/cash for those who not only broadcast out to their network and the world that they like something or bought it, but measurably (2011 is going to be all about “Show me the data as prove for real revenue”) drive others to buy it. Basically affiliate marketing for everyone and nobody needs to sign up for it nor use URLs with affiliate codes in them. Services that go well beyond Klout will track and reward anyone who has influenced buying decisions.

  5. Paul K
    Paul K October 27, 2010

    Forgot to say 82

  6. Sandy B
    Sandy B October 30, 2010

    I work in the world of loyalty, so to me the most exciting advancement is the replacement of a physical card with a mobile phone. Increases ease of use, reduces plastic, and cuts costs. Also, for companies with multiple proprietary cards (loyalty, gift, credit, etc), you can link them and better build a master database.
    STC = 82.

  7. Lyndsay Walker
    Lyndsay Walker November 3, 2010

    It’s all about local!
    Look at the shift Google made last night – by default, all your results are going to be based on your geographical location.
    Site owners are faced with a real problem – those with brick and mortar locations have all the opportunity in the world now to make the most of this change. On the other hand, online retailers that are strictly online will have to get creative to solve the problem of competing organically – and paid – with all these local results.
    The other part of this is mobile. Mobile has always been more valuable with localized results but now it’s even more key. I believe the shift to mobile will increase with Google’s results change and site owners need to take heed and watch their analytics closely to ensure they’re meeting the needs of their mobile visitors.

  8. Roger Garcia
    Roger Garcia November 4, 2010

    What do you see as the most promising or interesting digital marketing theme to emerge in 2011.
    Both agency and client side finally realizing that Social Media is not a tactic or a “cool” magic medium and hopefully seeing some sound strategies and integration.
    Am I asking for too much??!!

  9. Kim L
    Kim L November 4, 2010

    My short and sweet (I think) answer:
    Building bridges between the physical and virtual has been one of the most exciting recent themes in digital marketing. We’ve seen this with the emergence of geolocation, augmented reality and gaming applications.
    But I think the most promising development is QR and other non-proprietary bar codes – they offer an incredibly simple and flexible means of connecting our physical and virtual worlds., making use of the best qualities of mobile. With QR codes, not only can digital information be attached to physical objects (e.g. links, product info, games) — but social barcoding is also emerging, with sites like stickybits that allow users to annotate and geolocate the barcodes they scan. This is huge!
    I currently work for a not-for-profit and will be using this technology for promoting a conference and creating interactive activities for attendees. I’m also excited about the possibilities of QR codes for product marketing and expanding the reach of digital engagement.
    Skill testing question: 82

  10. Ryan Gill
    Ryan Gill November 11, 2010

    a drastic shift in marketing dollars to Social Media Marketing in response to our education of its effectiveness and its mainstream awareness.

  11. Derek Lackey
    Derek Lackey December 7, 2010

    Major brands will be looking to identify their Power Influencers – that small group of people who have a tremendous influence on their community, as it relates to the purchase of your brand.
    The 80/20 rule still applies – online offline, above the line or below the line.

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