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Canadian Market Research

Do you use Statistics Canada as a resource?

I refer to these guides, among others, on a regular basis.

Canadian Social Trends


The Market Research Handbook

Given the complexities, and I would imagine the recent issues at Stats Can, we will not be seeing up-to-the minute reporting any time soon.

However, even at up to 3 years old, these docvuments and others are a valuable source – especially when developing marketing plans and corporate strategy docs.

Stats Can main site

Are there other resources you use? What are they?  Care to share?



  1. Dubya
    Dubya March 31, 2011

    Try the Industry Canada website…
    They seem to have fairly comprehensive “industry” snapshots. It’s segmented according to the NAICS, so it ought to be compatible with anything you dig up from StatsCan.
    And – believe it or not – StatsCan has RSS feeds. Finding them, however, was a challenge (inexplicably).
    There is also the new federal data portal – It’s new, and I haven’t played with it… but maybe you can do another post about how you found the interface and general use-ability.
    Links to consider:
    Happy hunting.

  2. mose
    mose March 31, 2011

    Thanks Dubya
    Excellent suggestions

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