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Month: June 2012

Two Necessary Marketing Lessons Learned from the College Generation

Fotolia_19046814_Subscription_XLIt's no secret that college students today are the kings and queens of social media and online self-promotion. It is the generation of college students today that have essentially grown up online and with social media and social networking as an extension of their existence. They are the first adult generation who has basically always been members of the social media and networking world. As companies throughout the country and world today try to stay one step ahead of the game in the online world, many are struggling in the realm of social media marketing and online promotion. As the internet becomes an even larger and more present aspect of our everyday lives, online marketing has become more and more essential as an aspect of promotion. Marketers everywhere are trying to find ways to create stronger and more relevant online marketing strategies.

But, why not look to the masters? No, I don't mean the biggest and best companies out there. College students are both masters at social media and marketers' primary target on the platform. Try out these social media and mobile strategies as demonstrated by the youth generation to better master your online marketing efforts.

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Three Things You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Try As an Affiliate Marketer

The affiliate marketing domain can be a little daunting for first-timers, but as your
experience grows, so does your confidence. Sure, it’s tough choosing the right niche and to cultivate a following, but success tends to yield more success and at some point you might wonder if it isn’t time to take your affiliate marketing program to the next level. 

AffiliateAffiliate marketing is in fact a very low-risk venture, as it costs you nothing and demands no hard labor. Yet it’s not uncommon to err on the side of safety, shying away from the road less traveled, never taking risks or making changes that could actually benefit in the end, if you’d just give it a try. Don’t just sit there any longer and let opportunity pass you by. These suggestions can jump-start your affiliate marketing venture, putting more green right where you want it…in your wallet.

Taking on a Competitive Niche

Most any article about finding niches will suggest you look for the area with the least amount of competition that still has a marked interest. That is the absolute right thing to do if you’re just starting out and don’t have much experience with affiliate network marketing. But if you’re looking to expand or you didn’t have much luck finding those low competition niches to begin with, you should take a closer look at niches with a saturated market that you passed over at first.

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Develop the Creative Craft XVI

Question Checklist

QuestionIf you are a naturally curious person like me – these questions are already floating around in your head when trying to write copy, solve a problem or come up with a new product. 

Put to other uses?

  • New ways to use as is?
  • Other uses if modified?


  • What else is like this?
  • What other idea does this suggest?
  • Does the past offer parallel?
  • What could I copy?
  • Whom could I emulate?
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