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In the news … August 25 2017

The 3 Most Important Words In Digital Marketing

What are the three most important words in digital marketing?
1. a four-letter word
2. a six-letter word
3. a five-letter word

Data is the four-letter word

Nobody would argue that first-party and third-party data are the foundational elements of the digital-media supply chain.
Not far behind is the move toward data lakes, where the input is first-party data from non-competitive companies, aka second-party data.

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Be a king of content: Five digital marketing trends to use in your business

How content are you with your content?

If the answer to that question is either “not very” or “huh?” then it may well be time you tried out some of these digital marketing trends suggested by Karina Welch, marketing manager at digital agency Blue Mountain Media.

Writing for Entrepreneur, Welch highlights the importance for businesses to develop a fluid and adaptive digital marketing strategy focused on a range of different content types, saying “technologies are rapidly evolving, right alongside the wants and needs of consumers”.

Here are five digital marketing trends to take for a spin.

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Online marketing (A Primer)

Some online marketing techniques like blogging, email, and social networking may not involve a lot of direct costs. However, you will want to dedicate your time or your employees' time to those that are used most often by your audience and that will bring you the most sales leads or foot traffic.

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