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In the news … September 1, 2017

Inside Walmart Canada’s e-commerce expansion

As much attention has been focused on Amazon’s takeover of Whole Foods – and the ensuing price drop at the organic grocer’s locations – Walmart Canada has been ramping up its own offerings, particularly online.

Following reports earlier this summer, the retailer – which has been expanding its click-and-collect and delivery options in this market – officially announced Tuesday that it was bringing its Walmart Marketplace of third-party sellers to its Canadian e-commerce website. Initially through 27 sellers, the move effectively doubles its online inventory. Walmart Marketplace has been running south of the border for several years, with third-party sellers paying a percentage commission – varying depending on category – to Walmart for the referral traffic.

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GE Shifts Strategy, Financial Targets for Digital Business After Missteps

NEW YORK — General Electric Co wants its industrial software business to cut costs and lift profits next year under new chief executive John Flannery, and is considering expanded partnerships and the possible sale of some equity in the unit, according to people familiar with the business.

Former chief executive Jeffrey Immelt spent six years and more than $4 billion transforming 125-year-old GE into a “digital industrial” company. But GE has had technical problems and delays with its software platform, known as Predix, which connects equipment like turbines and elevators to computers that can predict failures and reduce operating costs.

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What Is SEO’s Role in the Digital Marketing World?

SEO, as you know it, has changed so much throughout the years.

Enterprises and corporate companies started hiring SEO specialists in the mid-1990s. This was the era of manual submissions and keywords stuffing techniques.

By 2004, even startups and small businesses began to realize they needed SEO experts to help them achieve their organic goals and increase traffic and sales.

Cannabis media company HERB raises millions to expand to NYC and LA

Canadian cannabis media company HERB closed a $4.1 million seed round Tuesday in a bid to expand to the US and ramp up production of video content.

"This is a monumental moment for HERB and a testament to the shift of public view on the cannabis industry," Herb CEO Matt Gray said in a statement.

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