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4 Key Factors to Consider If You Want to Finish Your Basement

Right now, the basement is basically wasted space. You want to change that by arranging for a complete basement finishing. Before the project can get underway, there are decisions to be made. Here are four factors that you and the contractor will need to address before the finishing begins.
What Do You Plan On Doing With the Space?
The way you plan on using the finished basement will influence how the work proceeds. While there are some elements that will apply no matter what you have in mind, others will call for some special touches.
For example, perhaps the plan is to finish the basement so it serves as a bedroom suite for guests. That means you will want to read a basement renovation guide and what it takes to design a full suite complete with a private bath. When the plan is to use the space as a game room or a den, the planning will be a little different.
How About the Wiring?
There may be some electrical wiring in the basement already, but will it be enough? You may want to add more outlets as well as more switches to control the overhead lighting. It makes sense to come up with a layout for the basement finishing and decide exactly where those switches and outlets will go. After you come up with that part of the plan, add in a couple more outlets in spots that may come in handy later.
What Sort of Plumbing Do You Need?
Many designs for finished basements involve plumbing. That is certainly true if you want to create a guest suite. It also holds true if you want to use the basement as a family room and have a small kitchenette tucked away along one wall. You can get ideas for how to structure the plumbing by consulting a basement renovation guide or looking at a new article about basements and basement renovation.
Think About Floor and Wall Coverings
Perhaps you love the exposed brick that’s in the basement now. If that’s the case, you would only want to seal it and continue to enjoy the beauty of those brick walls. When you want to go in a different direction, the basement finishing will involve finding paneling or some other way to cover the brick.
The same holds true with the floors. You could smooth, stain, and seal the concrete, or you could cover it with tiles or even carpeting. It all depends on how you plan on using the space once the basement is finished.
Remember that it’s your space to do with as you please. Take the time to read a new article about basements and basement finishing, and certainly look at any type of basement renovation guide you can find. With the help of those resources and the experience your contractor brings to the table, it will be a lot easier to come up with a plan that ensures the space is exactly the way you want it.


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