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In the news …February 8, 2019

Ontario launches talks on creating a provincial data strategy

Ontario has launched a public consultation on creating a new data strategy for the province with the goal of helping residents and businesses benefit from the data economy while protecting privacy.

“Our government recognizes the tremendous potential of emerging data technologies, and we are seeking to get a better understanding of how we can drive innovation and unlock economic opportunities for people and businesses across the province,” Bill Walker, the minister of government and consumer services, said. “At the same time, we are committed to ensuring data privacy and building a better, smarter, more accountable government—one that earns and keeps the trust of Ontarians.”


Want To See Better Digital Marketing Results? Be Agile.

Digital marketing helps brands reach consumers and, in theory, see results in real time. It’s just not as easy as it sounds.

Technology is constantly evolving, engagement techniques are always shifting, and consumer preferences grow more complex with every new campaign. To keep up, a successful strategy has to be nimble enough to communicate, collaborate, adapt and respond rapidly to fluctuating consumer and industry demands.


It’s not just Google or Facebook: The freezer aisle is ad targeting you now

I walk into a Walgreens just off Union Square in New York City that seems, on the surface, to be just like any other pharmacy. But as I make my way to the back of the store, where there are refrigerators and freezers that store cold drinks, ice cream, and other frozen food, the walls start to glow. That’s because the doors of most of these coolers are no longer the see-through glass you’d expect: Instead, they’re covered with screens that display what’s behind them using cheery, digital images and flashing promotions.


Ontario Autism Waitlist Will Be Cleared By PC Changes: Lisa MacLeod

Ontario is overhauling its autism program in an attempt to clear a waiting list of 23,000 children, but families and advocates say that backlog will be eliminated at the expense of the amount and quality of treatment.

The changes announced Wednesday by Children, Community and Social Services Minister Lisa MacLeod include giving funding for treatment directly to families instead of regional service providers, dependent on age, with up to $140,000 for a child in treatment from the ages of two to 18.


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