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One Degree Friday April 17 2020

How Retailers Can Reach Consumers Who Aren’t Spending

The global retail industry is experiencing an unprecedented crisis in the wake of Covid-19. Consumers are staying home and tightening their spending as they face uncertainties related to their health, wealth, and jobs.


Organizational effectiveness goes digital

It happens almost every day: A CEO scans the competitive landscape, and decides it’s time to implement new strategies or to examine internal factors that are limiting growth. With buy-in from senior leadership, the company makes a significant investment in a months-long process designed to yield actionable insights. A few areas may be singled out for a deep-dive examination of how work is performed and where pain points exist. After interviewing employees at various levels, creating detailed documentation, and making recommendations, the company is ready to pilot changes, measure results, and roll out strategies to larger groups of stakeholders.


Canada launches national takeout day to support local restaurants

Today has been dubbed “Canada Takeout Day” in support of the nation’s restaurant industry amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Canada Takeout, a group supported by hundreds of restaurant owners and workers across the country, is encouraging Canadians to order a takeout meal on April 15 to help support restaurants that have had to close their doors to reduce the spread of COVID-19.




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