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One Degree Thursday May 14 2020

Michael Geist: How to pay for the future of journalism

Canadian media organizations face difficult challenges in an age of virtually unlimited internet competition, a dramatic shift toward digital advertising and an unprecedented global economic and health crisis. Ottawa has thus far declined to “take on” Google and Facebook by requiring them to fund local media. That may spark criticism in some quarters but claims that government-mandated payments from internet companies will solve the sector’s ills are unconvincing.


Death of the Cookie: Future of Online Marketing

In January 2020, Google announced that its Chrome browser would begin phasing out support for third-party cookies. They were not the first to announce such a move as Apple introduced Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) 1.0, a privacy feature that came with Safari 11, in September 2017.


Ottawa examining new, existing tools to get web giants to pay for Canadian media content

The federal heritage minister says if new tools are needed to get digital giants to pay for Canadian content, they will be built.

Steven Guilbeault says he is watching how other countries are trying to get companies such as Facebook and Google to pay for the copyrighted content that appears on their online platforms.



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