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One Degree Friday June 12 2020

Social media is not a free-for-all

The days when social media was a free-for-all are long gone. I’m not sure they ever truly existed but heightened sensitivities around issues such as racism or harassment continue to see people toppled from their posts after expressing themselves online.


FedEx Supports Canadian Small Businesses with Launch of #SupportSmall Initiative

2020 is not a year for usual contests. It is the year to mobilize resources and to help as quickly as possible. That is why FedEx Express Canada, a subsidiary of FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX) announced today the launch of its #SupportSmall grant initiative. The program will distribute prize money normally allocated for the company’s highly anticipated annual Canadian Small Business Grant Contest to help small businesses in need.


Ontario and Canada Helping Small Businesses Go Digital

The Ontario government, in partnership with the federal government, is helping small businesses reach more customers through the Digital Main Street platform. It is a $57-million program which will help up to 22,900 Ontario businesses create and enhance their online presence and generate jobs for more than 1,400 students.


Canada’s economic recovery needs a small business rebound

A five-point plan to help Canadian small businesses thrive in a post-pandemic economy was released by RBC today.

The report includes proprietary economic research and analysis from a survey of small businesses, which generated 22,000 responses. It cites two core challenges facing the country’s million plus small business, which is defined as companies with a maximum of 100 employees. The sector is reeling from the economic lockdown. It recorded almost double the rate of job losses as mid-sized and large firms during the first two months of the global pandemic. Women and youth bore more of the pain, since they are over-represented in small-business employment.


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