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One Degree Friday February 5 2021

A world without news: Papers publish blank front pages to highlight industry struggles

Canadians got a taste of what the world would look like without a robust journalism industry Thursday morning, as multiple newspapers published blank front pages.

“Imagine if the news wasn’t there when we needed it,” read the message on the blank front pages.


Social network Parler terminates CEO John Matze

Parler, a social media platform favored by U.S conservatives, has dismissed CEO John Matze, according to Matze on Wednesday, as the site has largely gone offline after the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.


Bell Media Cuts 210 Jobs at Local TV, Radio Stations

The Canadian broadcaster of ‘The Masked Singer’ and ‘Big Sky’ hands out pink slips in local radio and TV newsrooms after restructuring senior management in January.


Nine in 10 Canadians want a ‘Canada-first’ strategy for economic recovery, KPMG in Canada survey finds

Nine in 10 Canadians want COVID-19 stopped in its tracks ‘by whatever means necessary’ and for the country to take a ‘Canada-first’ strategy to jumpstart our economy, finds a new survey by KPMG in Canada.


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