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One Degree Wednesday February 10 2021

TELUS and Google Form Strategic Alliance to Bring Digital Transformation to Key Industries, Including Communications Technology, Healthcare, and Agriculture

10-year agreement will introduce new solutions and improved customer experiences, while also driving new efficiencies for TELUS through its commitment to public cloud
Google Cloud and TELUS today announced a strategic alliance to co-innovate on new services and solutions that support digital transformation within key industries, including communications technology, healthcare, agriculture, security, and connected home. The 10-year collaboration will also accelerate TELUS’ IT and network modernization initiatives, enabling further operational agility and supporting improved customer experiences.



Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on U.S. Super Bowl advertising annually, and with the commercial competition being upped year after year, American football fans now expect nothing less than to be dazzled by slick spots from the world’s most influential brands.


Court Refuses to Order Removal of Social Media Posts Alleging Employer was Racist

Social media provides a platform for people to share their lives, opinions and views. Sometimes these platforms are used by employees to make statements about how they were treated during employment and their views about the employers. These statements can be far reaching and if negative, damaging to an employer’s reputation. A recent Ontario decision shows how difficult it can be for an employer to have a court order the removal of allegedly defamatory social media posts.


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