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One Degree Friday June 25 2021

Would you donate an organ to a stranger? This extraordinary new ad campaign makes it hard to say no

Jo-Vann Baskerville-Brown is a 38-year-old woman in South Jersey. She wants to go to Greece someday. She’d like to see the Northern Lights, too. She has a young daughter and a loving husband. Her sister is her best friend. She’s pursuing her dream of becoming a guidance counselor. She also needs a kidney transplant, and a living donor is the best chance for her survival right now.


Google signs deals with 8 Canadian publishers for Google News Showcase

Google Canada has signed agreements with eight Canadian publishers for a new product and licensing program that will pay news organizations to create and curate journalism.

The tech giant – which did not reveal the value of the eight licensing deals in Canada – said the agreements are part of a broader $1 billion global commitment to news publishers and journalism announced last year.


Expert: Bank of Canada should start issuing digital currency, experts say

Some technologists are telling the Bank of Canada (BoC) that its wait-and-see approach when it comes to issuing digital currencies runs the risk of leaving it behind in the race to innovate globally. Although its Governor Tiff Macklem said in April that the pandemic has accelerated the digital economy and “the case for a digital currency becomes more compelling,” the central bank says it has no immediate plans to launch a digital loonie. (Global News)


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