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One Degree Thursday February 24 2022

What’s behind “the world’s most understanding” ads?

Today is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. And “the most understanding ads in the world” are a way of drawing eyeballs to a message in a much smaller font that people searching for some understanding might desperately need to hear. It lets victims of human trafficking know that if they call the Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline, they will be connected with someone who empathizes with what they are going through, knows the reality they are facing and can help guide them along the path out.


Virtual Conferences and Events in our New Covid-19 Reality!


DMScott Fanocracy speakingWhat a difference a few weeks makes! In the first two months of 2020, I interacted with thousands of people at ten different in-person events on three continents. Now and for the foreseeable future, there will be no live events.


Emails Landing Into the Gmail Spam Folder? This Is How You Can Fix It

If you’re wondering why your email open rates have been low recently, there’s a good probability that your messages aren’t reaching the inboxes of your subscribers. For those using Gmail, the most common reason for this is that these emails are being sent directly to the Gmail spam folder.


Predictions For Live Streaming In 2022 VIDEO

Learn about our predictions for live streaming in 2022.

In this video with Luria Petrucci, you will learn about five big predictions for live video in 2022,


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