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One Degree Wednesday April 20 2022

Key Social Media Usage Trends, Based on Analysis of Over a Billion Posts [Infographic]

Looking to get a better understanding of the latest trends and shifts in the social media landscape that could help in your marketing approach.

The team from YouScan recently analyzed over a billion social media posts, with a focus on branded content, in order to learn which brands are gaining traction, and how, across all the major platforms.


Bad news: Liberals’ proposed Online News Act misses the mark

Earlier this month, the Liberal government introduced the Online News Act. Its main aim is to redress the dominant market power that Google and Facebook have amassed by building an online advertising system around third-party content, including news, and people’s online activities.


Social media sharing: how much is too much?

Vancouver cybersleuth Derek Manky says if you wouldn’t share personal information in a waiting room, you shouldn’t be sharing it on social media.

“A best foot forward is a zero-trust environment,” Manky said. “There’s too much trust online.”


A ‘Supercommuting’ Atlantic Canadian Workforce Can’t Solve Labour Shortages

Sometimes I feel the need to explain Yogi Berra to young people, but today I will resist the temptation.

The Globe And Mail ran a commentary over the weekend called Embracing The Supercommute Can Help Solve Canada’s Labour Shortage. It was written by the head of a firm that offers this service to companies facing labour shortages.


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