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One Degree Tuesday August 30 2022

Open letter to Bell says LaFlamme ousting shows sexism, ageism women face at work

An open letter signed by a long list of Canadian luminaries is taking aim at Bell Media’s abrupt dismissal of Lisa LaFlamme as anchor of the company’s flagship newscast.


Women journalists targeted in co-ordinated campaign of hate: Canadian Association of Journalists

In her six years in journalism, Fatima Syed estimates she has received about 150 messages of hate. The vile messages arrive in her email inbox, or come in replies to her social media posts.


Your Guide to Online Marketing Success

At one time, business essentials were limited to business cards, yellow page ads and brochures. Newspapers, radio and television were used by cutting-edge businesses of yore and still reap huge rewards for big-businesses today.


The Ultimate SEO Checklist For Boosting Organic Traffic: 6 Highlights

Raise your hand if you wish SEO tasks were perfectly laid out for you.

That’s all of us, right?


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