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Weekly Wrap-Up

Advertising Blackout!…Legion encourages remembrance with unique initiative

Thousands of digital advertising signs across the country will go black on Remembrance Day this year, to be replaced with a message of remembrance and three important figures: 11-11-11. The Royal Canadian Legion’s new initiative involves the voluntary decision by several major advertisers across the country to mark the traditional two minutes of silence held from 11:00 – 11:02 a.m. on Remembrance Day, by not displaying any advertisements during that time.


Experiment suggests taking a short break from social media results in mixed bag of feelings

A pair of psychologists at Durham University, in the U.K., has found that when heavy social media users are asked to give up social media for a week, they experience some surprising feelings. In their study, published in PLOS ONE, Michael Wadsley and Niklas Ihssen conducted an experiment in which they asked heavy social media users to give up social media for one week and to answer questions regarding how they were feeling.


Scientists Can’t Decide if Social Media Is Addictive

Social media can be harmful. That’s something all behavioral researchers can agree on. There is much less consensus on how exactly its harmful use is defined, and whether or not there’s a corresponding beneficial way to use social media. And at the very center of this academic debate is the question: Can a person become addicted to social media?


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