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Category: Michael Garrity

If advertising is in trouble why is Olive Media partying like a Rock Star (literally)? – 5 Question Interview

Olive media logo So we’ve all heard the story. Advertising revenue is way down over the last year and in some channels, like print, it’s a bloodbath.  All around us we see evidence of marketing budgets being cut, of marketers are being asked to do more with less, and of those splashy marketing events we all love to be invited to being toned down or just cancelled altogether.

Yet one company remains notable in refusing to throttle their partying – Olive Media, a TorStar Digital and Gesca Digital investment.  In fact, last week at Maro in Toronto’s trendy Liberty Village, Olive Media turned up the volume on their annual TO party to 11, quite literally, with a full-on 80's glam rock themed über party.  

It was the type of gloriously excessive party that harkened back to more lucrative days for the ad industry and begged the question – from me at least – is this the last days of Pompeii? Or does Olive Media know something that others don’t about the Canadian advertising industry?

To get to the bottom of it, I thought I would do a 5 Question Interview with Olive's President, Simon Jennings, exclusively for the readers here at OneDegree.

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