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Blended Search and Reputation Management Part III

By CT Moore

This is the third installment of our series on Blended Search and Reputation Management. In Part II we discussed how blended search can help with images and video. In this final part we look at Social Media and your Brand's reputation.

Social Media
Finally, you can capture added SERP real-esate by setting up branded profiles on popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This part of your strategy, however, does come with a catch: these profiles cannot be left idle.

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Blended Search & Reputation Management

You might have noticed that search results have evolved. Between Google (and Bing and the other guys) now feature a variety of results, such as news, tweets, images, and video all in the same results. These are known “blended” or “universal” search results. But did you know that you can leverage these search results to help manage your online reputation? Just think about it:

  • more than 60% of users click within the first page of search results
  • and about 70% of those don't got past the first 5 search results

So by optimizing your brand for all these different kinds of media, you can (1) capture more real-estate on the first page of search results, and (2) make your own results more appealing than those of your competitors.