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Tag: social media contest

Catfish – the movie

Guest post by Leslie Hartsman

There is a great movie coming to Toronto after film fest.  It has already gotten a lot of underground attention, and today we launched a FREE SCREENING contest for TORONTO residents.
Catfish-movie-photo Please see the contest

Catfish is a film that has the Internet ablaze with chatter regarding the “realness” of its storyline and outcome.  While many are discussing whether or not the film is a trumped up story of an Internet romance allegedly gone wrong, others are staying away from such discourse as it has the potential to spoil the outcome.  Regardless of one’s stance, Catfish is generating quite the buzz as bloggers, reviewers and cinemaphiles converse about the film and the potential perils of social networking.  Such is life in the Internet age, where we are rarely disconnected to the global village and always looking for new ways to interact with friends, family and foes.