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CBC Unplugged

I still on occasion run into people who laugh at the idea that “the Internet changes everything”.
On most occasions I just smile, secure in the knowledge that it does and that someday the last few hold-outs will find something that causes even them to say, “whoa – _that_ changes everything”.
Sometimes, when feeling generous and up for a debate, I’ll pull out a host of examples of radical change in culture and business. Today I think I may have found a new one to add to the list – “CBC Unplugged”:

bq. is a place for listeners to re-connect with their favourite personalities and shows, by way of podcasts that locked-out producers are making. It is not affiliated with the CBC. We all hope to be back at our jobs soon and put your programming on the radio.
Think about that for a moment. What happens when the “CBC”: decides to “lock-out”: workers? The staff route around the corporation and start putting shows online via podcasts.
Brilliant. Kudos to “Tod Maffin”: for shaking things up.
I wonder if “Dave Winer”: could have imagined a national broadcaster being disintermediated by that little white on orange rectangle?