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Hot Canadian Job Market?

Is it getting hot out there?
“This Globe & Mail article”: leads me to believe that our post-bubble world might be getting a bit rosier for all us “Internet industry veterans”:
bq.. “If you’ve got good solid skills and credentials, now is the time to make yourself known,” advises Kyle Mitchell, managing partner in the Vancouver office of national executive-search firm Ray & Berndtson.
Executive searches are at a level not seen since the late 1990s technology bubble, Mr. Mitchell says. “But now, it is not just the technology and financial services that are hiring. We are seeing solid and broad-based recruiting across nearly all the sectors in the economy.”
p. Are there still recruiters focussing on Internet executive search? If so, how are they finding recruits these days? I’m not getting the calls I did in the bubble, but then again, maybe seven years of “running my own business”: is the cause of the dust bunnies on my resume pile. Or are you trying to tell me something Mr. Recruiter? Or maybe you’re reading blogs to “help you find the best new recruits”:
As a reminder, if you are looking for Canadian Internet Marketers, you might want to promote your search on One Degree, “like others have”: Just “give us a shout”:

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  1. Tara Miss Rogue Hunt
    Tara Miss Rogue Hunt September 10, 2005

    Well…being in the heart of the valley has its advantages. Like when you are here and working with a startup, you start to get loads of inquiries…people looking for people like me…but I’m sticking with Ojos.
    Drop me a line…’cause bloggers are becoming a HOT commodity down here. I just heard about an opportunity here at an open source startup and another one contacted me last week – a Seattle group.

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