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Major Canadian Brands Launch New Looks

My guess is there will be lots of Monday-morning quarterbacking about three big marketing events this weekend:
# Bell pushed their “talking beavers” branding campaign featuring “Frank and Gordon”: into high gear.
# The Globe and Mail rolled out a new version of their “”: website featuring a very blog-like approach.
# “Global Television”: introduced their re-branding during the Superbowl.
We’ll most likely have analysis on the first two shortly but wanted to give you folks a chance for early reactions. What to you think of the new Bell, Globe & Mail, and Global campaigns?
Any thoughts on the wisdom of tying these things so closely to the Superbowl when loads of deep-pocketed American brands are trying to get the attention of the press and public?

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  1. Ryan - RFD
    Ryan - RFD February 7, 2006

    I like Frank & Gordon. I think they work with the slightly uncomfortable/awkward nature of Canadian patriotism. They’ll be a nice counter to the jingoism the Olympics usually bring. (“Since the age of three Ryan has dreamt of representing Canada in…”)
    The high contrast colours of the Global rebranding are a bit jaring to be honest. It may work as a visual reinforcement of their “Making sense of the world” slogan, because it certainly isn’t an ambiguous colour scheme.
    I’m taking a wait and see approach to the new G&M layout. My first impression is that it is a little busy. I do like how they have a commenting system, but I have yet to look closely at it. I don’t envy those who have to moderate the political threads…
    Speaking of rebranding, HBC may finally be getting their online act together:

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