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_This is part of our new “Interesting”: feature “we announced in April”: but then lost track of. If you have an “interesting” site you think we should feature let us know._
Chris Nguyen, Corporate Account Manager for “”: explains why his company – featured at “DemoCamp Toronto 8”: – is interesting…
*One Degree: Who needs you? Why do they need you? Why are you interesting?* is a job board that helps job seekers connect with employers.
Here’s how it works for Job Seekers:
# Job seekers go to and enters their home postal code
# A Google Map appears with jobs pinpointed near their house
# Clicking on any of the available job opportunities will bring you to a job posting page with full job description, including a map of the job location
Here’s how it works for Employers:
# Employers login to their Employer account
# Select an existing job template (contains pre-filled job title and description)
# Link the new job posting to a location, and click Publish Live
The Retail Council of Canada reports that finding and retaining staff at all levels is the biggest challenge for retailers today. While we can’t eliminate turnover, but we can help reduce turnover.
The technology we use (Google Maps, AJAX, RSS, etc) helps us to promote awareness of the issue of “distance sensitivity”. According to our market research, our target market is unwilling to travel more then 30 minutes for their job. By plotting jobs near a person’s home or school and thereby giving them an idea of their commute to work we help our employers to better retain their employees overall.
Also, our site was designed with ease-of-use and simplicity in mind. This helps visitors to easily navigate our site and find jobs quickly.
*One Degree: How do you make money?*
We bill employers on a monthly subscription basis for our services, including: job postings, company profile, branding, backend management system features such as custom interview questions, screening tools, etc.
Services for job seekers are free.
*One Degree: What is your mission?*
To disrupt the HR(Human Resources) industry through new ideas and innovation. To bring awareness to the issue of “distance sensitivity” with regards to employment.
*One Degree: Who are you?*
We are four recent Ryerson University graduates holding Bachelor of Commerce degrees in Information Technology Management. We all have different work experience ranging from Google to TTC to NVIDIA to Microsoft and BMW.
*One Degree: Where are you?*
Our corporate offices are based in Mississauga, Ontario. We’re right across from Square One. Individually, we live all across Toronto.


  1. Geof Harries
    Geof Harries August 3, 2006

    Talk about disruptive, wow. Compared to Monster, Workopolis and even the new generation of job board apps (SimplyHired, Jobster) this trounces them all.
    Too bad nothing shows up for the Yukon.

  2. Lee
    Lee August 3, 2006

    Wow Geof, that’s quite a praise for us. Thanks! I’ve quoted you on our mentions and press page. Hope you don’t mind. 🙂

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