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Ice 2007 Is Heating Up

Next week the New Media Business Alliance (NMBA) will be hosting the 2007 ICE Conference March 21st and 22nd in Toronto’s beautifully art-deco venue the Carlu. The two-day event has an all-star lineup of interactive media enthusiasts and forward thinkers. With over 100 speakers, and 34 sessions with varying topics, ICE 2007 is a conference you do not want to miss.

ICE is set to explore the “changing roles and relationships within the emerging media ecosystems, with panels focusing on gaming, mobility, social media, advertising and marketing, and industry trends,” says event co-coordinator Hilary Krupa. The conference’s wide range of speakers from varying media backgrounds will provide a wide array of examples and expertise on the changing face of the media landscape.

Curious about who is speaking? Check out the agenda programme, and register yourself for the conference.