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Marketing Magazine's Top 12 Blog Picks

Marketing Magazine April 16th issue published an article in their Blogroll titled If you only read 12 blogs (registration required).

The article profiled 12 blogs you should be reading. OneDegree was featured on the list, touted as the the blog "where all the cool internet geeks plug in." Thats you…way to go cool internet geeks!

Other blogs mentioned were OneDegree contributor blogs by Kate Trgovac, Mitch Joel, Michael Seaton, as well as the CMA Blog, Joseph Thornley’s blog, as well as 6 others. The blogs profiled represent a fantastic array of marketers utilizing blogs and social media to share their keen insight on online marketing. Keep up the great work everyone! And thanks for reading

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  1. Joseph Thornley
    Joseph Thornley April 16, 2007

    Congratulations Arieh,
    I look forward to One Degree’s posts on a regular basis. Keep it up!

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