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Things I'd Like to Share, but Ad:Tech and MarketingSherpa Won't Let Me

I’m not sure what to think about this one.

The good folks at ad:tech and MarketingSherpa conduct a survey each year of "some of the biggest Internet marketers"  and ask them about what tactics worked in the past year and what they are going to be spending on in the upcoming year.

I just got all the results in an email.  And apparently I’m allowed to forward the email to all of you if I wanted.  But I’m not allowed to post or reproduce it elsewhere.

I find this a little puzzling .. because to me, it’s all the interwebs: email, blogs, websites, Facebook, RSS, Twitter.  It’s all bits that move through multiple distribution mechanisms to reach me where I need it to be.  I would think you would want your content to be free to travel down any of the distribution channels as long as you’re getting the attribution.

But, I want to respect ad:tech’s and MarketingSherpa’s copyright notice – so I won’t post or reproduce the content here.  But, if you want to see the web version of the email, via a link provided in the original email, you could visit this page.   

Am I off-base with finding this frustrating?  I don’t even want to post the whole thing, just a couple of interesting tidbits and then send you off to read it yourself.  Is there a difference between email distribution and blog distribution?  I guess search engine indexing.  But volume/reach certainly isn’t an issue as spammers have proven.

Does it matter to you which distribution channel is used for your content?


  1. Sulemaan
    Sulemaan February 5, 2008

    Maybe it’s all deliberate Kate. Maybe they want to frustrate people so much that they blog about how ridiculous it is and create additional awareness of their report at no additional cost. No such thing as bad publicity and all that. Right? 😉

  2. Kate Trgovac
    Kate Trgovac February 5, 2008

    Oh, Sulemann .. you’re such an optimist! Maybe it *is* a deliberate marketing tactic. And I fell right into their marketing trap! Curses … foiled again.
    Or maybe this is their way of gently reminding me that I haven’t blogged about the review copy of their email report that they sent. Sigh. So much to do.
    But it is very nice to see you around these parts – more comments from you, please!

  3. June
    June February 6, 2008

    Perhaps Sulemaan is right! Perhaps MarketingSherpa has created a split test to see if the downstream conversion is better 🙂
    Because of what they’re making you go through, OneDegree email subscribers will roll their eyes in frustration. The link to visit the Ad:Tech page works in the post but not in the email. Clicking on the email “visit this page” generates this lovely error…
    error ‘80020009’
    /t.asp, line 77
    SO – if I really, really, really want to “visit this page”, I have to click through to the post, scroll down AND THEN click “visit this page”.

  4. Karen Bongard
    Karen Bongard February 6, 2008

    Hello Kate,
    I completely understand your frustration. It seems in today’s world where everything on the internet can be found through the use of blogs, facebook profiles, podcasts etc. how can people expect things to remain private and unavailable?
    While the internet is a fantastic communication tool on many levels, it is also leading to the idea of privacy and copyrighting becoming obsolete.
    I commend you for respecting the copyright request of Ad:Tech and MarketingSherpa; however, on their behalf is it almost not ludicrous to put something out there and then say it can only be available to others through one medium when so many others are available?
    The only rationale I can see is that Ad:Tech and MarketingSherpa are nervous that you may present their information as your own and not give the credit to the source. Aside from that I would think that getting your researched information out there would be beneficial regardless of what medium was used.

  5. mose
    mose February 6, 2008

    I wouldn’t sweat it.
    jupiter just sent me a research questionaire – seems like teh same deal… But I get a chance to win a 50 gift certificate to Amazon…wow.
    Wonder if they sell porn there?
    Anyway – couple of things – sounds like sales weenies thought this up – or Chief Suits. They are always interested in playing stuff close to the vest. Protect thy KNOWLEDGE CAPITAL.
    Thing that gets me is – who cares?
    If you are in this game. And I mean IN THIS GAME there isn’t much ya don’t know. You live it breath it and hang with folks who do as well. Plus, you get all sorts of goodies like One degree, all the Blogs, Podcasts and great newsletters.
    One thing I would be intersted in is if we all submitted our lists…
    what Blogs, RSS Feeds, Newsletters, Sites, Podcasts etc etc and see where that takes us.
    I am saying this for a reason – wanna know email me I will tell ya!
    It is a secret..
    Copyright the Mose 2008 – All rights reserved.

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