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Creme Eggs and Corn Chips: March 9, 2009 Week in Review, Snacktastic Edition

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Upcoming Events:

Job Openings

Tim Willison is a new contributor this week with his piece on recognizing and retaining creative talent. Welcome, Tim!!

And don’t forget you can Win a Palm Centro!

This week’s WIR curator is Ben Boudreau. Ben is a 20-something social media addict representing OneDegree on the east coast while blogging and tweeting his way through life.

Seen Around the Blogosphere

After the Skittles kerfuffle last week and the unveiling of Facebook’s twitterfication strategy the week before, the blogosphere has been pretty quiet as we all hold our collective Canadian breath in hopes of an end of this unpleasant season. Luckily there are still a few troopers blogging through the winter blahs.

It’s also important to note the delicious presence of suicidal (and mildly sexual?) Cadbury Creme Eggs taking over the internet in all their glory – not to mention a ticking time bomb worthy of Saw VIII on display in downtown Toronto.

If food is right up your alley but you’d like it with a little more user generated content and a little less perversion, check out Doritos’ new campaign to name their new, secret flavour. The competition and submissions can all be found at

Releases, Announcements and News

  • Apple infuriated recent iPod Shuffle buyers with a brand new version, now with more talk and more ‘tude!
  • More details on the upcoming Facebook facelift.
  • New iPhone OS expected to be announced at event next week.

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This Week’s Video Meme

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