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Social media commentary (Avec video!)

Recent events have caused me to think about this social web of ours.

On the dark side are cruel stories of bullying and the resulting suicides of several young people. Very bad. And I refuse to discuss them here – enough ink has been splashed trying to make sense of all these events.

On the bright side I see a settling of these SM places. I think, as I venture into these worlds, things have calmed down and maybe have become as amazing, as I hoped they would.

Maybe it's a culling of the herd – where I have unfriended, or unfollowed folks who have just ticked me off once too often – or maybe it is that folks are really getting a handle on what it is to be social, in this social media world.

I hope, and believe, it is the latter.

It has taken several years, but like folks getting gym memberships, the majority drop off after a few months and the serious folks maintain their regimen for the long haul.

I have been so pleased with my Facebook interactions, my Twitter stream, the Youtube channels and even Google + has now started to bubble up a bit. Bravo!

There seems to be less vitriol, more wit, amazing comments and so many more things served up for me to learn. Is the golden age of SM upon us? There seems to be less marketing "white noise" and the ad-chatter has died down. I even notice the self-promoting SM Guru phase has almost dried up! (Raises a glass and toasts!)

Here is a great video of one of my favorite netizans Stephen Frye being interviewed by Craig Ferguson (Another favorite.) Lovely twist to technology and Twitter in particular.

Hope you enjoy it!

What do you think is the current "state of the nation" in Social Media?


  1. Gordon Gower
    Gordon Gower April 30, 2013

    Dear Peter
    It’s been a long long time… I’d agree with a lot of your thinking here Pete. We have enlisted, enrolled and to some extent enlightened a lot of “new folks” over the last decade(s) or so; exactly what we set out to do, no? The biggest head-shaker for me was those who complained over the changes that these folks brought with ’em; like hey, here’s the internets, NOW, use it exactly as I say 🙂
    I don’t know if I share your (was that) optimism over the tenor, less vitriol? Perhaps I just see the worst of the vitriol being thinned out and dispersed over a wider population (of mad screaming crazy people)… this place is still full of idiots (like me) who simply “piss me off” (and make me think). But, that’s the way it should be, no?
    I remain as troubled by the incessant blind, non-contributive post-and-reposting as I am troubled by the clarion call of the wild marketing-men to MAKE MORE CONTENT. Piled higher and deeper (so we can feed our spiders? – for Pete’s sake, my gawd)
    Cult-of-the-personality… again, I guess I see, diffusion… From Johnny to Jimmy Kimmel; more outlets, less fame and/or fortune. There’ always be the Collin’s, Cory’s and Accordian-istas… and Seths.
    BUT, but, but, but… Widening the eyes wide open, and in reviewing the long haul as you have here; indeed, this shit’s still pretty cool. I mean, look what I’m doing write now, it’s exactly what I was doing 20 years ago, only hell… I know exactly where everyone is (or some such nonsense like that). The tools are way shinier and almost kinda work! I see a lot of opportunity to make them better, more specific and WAY more useful going forward; useful in that look how many people ol’ Zuck has taught to use ’em!
    I’m happy to have read your thoughts this morning; your commentary, I’ve always found it vital; your contribution has been missed(ish). Kinda thought we’d lost you there for a while. And that would be a shame 🙂

  2. Meyer Aaron
    Meyer Aaron May 15, 2013

    Really suicide is in our society as my opinion very bad. I am totally agree with you. It’s harmful for our environment. 🙁

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