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In the news .. September 18, 2014

Digital ad revenue tops other media categories for first time: report


The Globe and Mail

Internet users may scoff at banner ads, swat away irritating pop-ups, and get creeped out by ads that follow them from one website to another, but digital is now the favourite media category of Canadian advertisers.

A new report says Canadian Internet publishers earned more advertising revenue than any other media in 2013, marking the first time digital media outperformed television, daily print newspapers, and radio broadcasters.

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SMBs: You Don’t Need an Expensive Content Calendar Tool…you need good content.

Last week, back from Content Marketing World 2014Jay Baer noted that over the last 12 months, the number of content marketing software vendors had exploded, forcing the vendor and expo area to massively expand. How many exactly were participating? Too many according to him. And because these companies were not sustainable yet but spending their VC’s money, he predicted a big shakeout will happen.

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Why lean is the future of content marketing

You've heard it before: you need a content strategy. But how can you make it impacting without huge budgets and resources? 

Guillaume Decugis's insight:

After having initiated and run #leancontent meetups for more than a year with great speakers in San Francisco and New York City to explore that topic, we've put together the first framework for Lean Content by trying to regroup the key ideas that were discussed.

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