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In the news … February 25, 2015

Bell Takes Aim At DSL Reports Readers That Criticized Company

You might recall that back in 2013, some regulars, including University of Manitoba graduate student Ben Klass ( bklass See Profile), filed a complaint against Bell in Canada. Basically, they were annoyed by the fact that Bell's $5 a month Bell Mobile TV service — which provides 10 hours of live or recorded TV show access each month — didn't count against user usage caps, while competing services unfairly did.

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Prime Time Ottawa — How to Survive in Time of Change

At a time when content production and distribution face disruption from technology, changing consumption patterns and evolving regulatory policy, the industry is being forced to steer a new course. Prime Time in Ottawa 2015 brings together some of the most forward-looking players in today’s industry, to share their insights on how to thrive in this time of change.

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Funding from Canadian government essential to spur innovation

The problem with experiments is very simple, says University of Toronto Professor Dan Breznitz.

They often fail.

Which presents a dilemma for those who want to foster innovation: In a world of limited resources, who should be placing the bets on potential winners? And when winners win big, to whom should the spoils go?

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