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Get a massive fan following on Instagram!

InstIf we use Instagram correctly, then it can rightly be a highly targeted channel for our brand. Over the other social platforms, Instagram provides a 25 percent more engagement to one’s brand. In order to expand your business, Instagram can easily be used to market your business online. For every social network, there are three ways to use it, the right way, the wrong way, and the smart way. So how do you build a huge fan following on Instagram? Let’s learn the clever ways below.

Usage of appropriate hashtags

Your main motive should be to keep your current followers engaged as well as grow the fan following for your brand. In order to do so, posting new and unique pictures is normal, but using appropriate hashtags make the effort worthwhile. You will be easily discovered and get new followers if you use the hashtags that are trending on Instagram. Instagram, however, only allows 30 hashtags per post. According to Webstagram, some of the recent popular hashtags are #love, #instagood, #me, #follow, #tbt, etc. But if none of these are relevant to your posts, then you must do a keyword research in order to know which ones are more relevant to your brand. IconoSquare and Webstagram are some of the online programs through which you can find the ones relevant to you.

Use the correct filters

It is not just the hashtags, but also the usage of appropriate filters that would get you the most likes on your posts. Some of the recently preferred filters on Instagram are Normal, Valencia, Earlybird, X-Pro II, Amaro, etc. As per a recent study by TrackMaven, it was discovered that Mayfair, No filter, and Inkwell attracted more traffic towards a particular post. IconoSquare can be used to review your account’s performance and see what is currently working for you and what is not.

Always post on the best days and time

The timings of your post also affect the fan following on your post. In the optimization section of IconoSquare, one can also assess the engagement of your posting history. It would also highlight the right time of the day and the days of each week that are suitable for posting. Some people also use certain scheduling programs to schedule their posts in order to drive more traffic towards their post. Now, one cannot deny the saying that time is money, it certainly brings you some!

Write product reviews

In order to be noticed, it is not just the usage of hashtags, filters or the knowledge of the correct timings, but to also post to larger accounts that are in the business with a huge fan following. This would result in your brand being exposed to a larger number of audience. This one step, however, would need you to invest some money, by contacting the sponsors or bloggers and asking them to review your products or services. Webstagram may provide you a list of the most popular accounts that are relevant to your business.


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