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In the news … September 8, 2016

3 Steps To Creating A Killer Small Business Content Marketing Strategy

Small businesses generally face harsher circumstances when it comes to planning and launching a marketing campaign. They have less revenue and capital, which means they’re more limited in the strategies they can pursue. They have fewer resources, which means their teams are smaller and less experienced. And they generally have less data and first-hand experience with which to strategize in the first place.

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5 Low Cost Marketing Strategies For Small Business

The competitions among small business is high. To compete effectively, business owners need to be ready to give marketing all it takes. And really, no matter how outstanding the product of a particular business is, without getting it to the views of the target customer, the business will hardly make any profit. As indicated above, marketing is a core part of any business operation. It can make the difference between a blooming business as well as struggling business.

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What’s your IT department’s strategy for website downtime?

Website disruptions are more than a mere annoyance. They can quickly add up, leading to declines in productivity and revenue. These website errors not only affect your end-users, they also pull key players away from other projects to help put out the fire to avoid major profit losses.

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