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What will be the internet marketing trends of 2017?

Year-1760489_960_720The internet offers the modern marketer an increasingly powerful method to target core audiences and communicate their message in a more sophisticated and valuable way.

But keeping up with the latest digital marketing trends can be a real challenge. So here’s a look at some of the most exciting marketing trends that could make it big in 2017.

Conducting online marketing used to be something of a lottery, but social media has taken great leaps in helping all of us achieve a greater market penetration. Although Facebook has changed the rules of its organic reach, it still represents the best way to get high visibility in a way that feels personalised.

And personalised marketing will be a big part of 2017 with interactive features and variable content that encourages repeat visits becoming an essential part of the modern web experience.

 This move towards mass customisation means that knowing your niche audience is now more important than ever. This has even led some commentators to speculate that 2017 could be the year that will see the renaissance of email-based marketing.

Although email has been much-maligned in recent years, it still is 40 times better at winning new customers than the more glamorous social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. And everything from the recent US Presidential election to fashion retailers like ASOS have used email marketing campaigns with surprising success throughout 2016.

 But that’s not to say that the humble website has become obsolete. Once again the recent political events have showed us how important a website is for really consolidating the core themes of any marketing message.

Even something as diametrically opposed as an online casino gaming resource can show how powerful the humble web page is for the modern marketer. Just click here to the website of Lucky Nugget Casino to see how the brand provides a clear and consistent message whilst providing instant access to their casino games in a way that’s refreshingly simple in today’s cluttered web climate.

But regardless of whether it’s act of political communication or an online casino game, it’s clear that live streaming will really take off in 2017. This offers modern marketers a great chance to use the likes of Snapchat, Facebook Live and YouTube Live to create a much more exciting and dynamic message. 

And whilst 2016 saw adblockers being increasingly installed by web users as a way to counter annoying pop-up adverts and banners, they’ve only required us marketers to become a little more inventive and entertaining in how we create our message!


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